Bitcoin Gift Card

Better than gold

Bitcoin Gift Card

Better than gold

1. choose bitcoin value

2. select design

3. choose a gift

Buy a Bitcoin Gift Card

Are you looking for a really really good gift? We can help you.

Give Bitcoins as a gift – Guaranteed better than gold.

An extraordinary gift. Which, by the way, has enormous future potential.

A gift – an investment

And so you buy a guaranteed unique gift:

  1. Choose how many Bitcoins should be loaded onto the card.
  2. Decide whether you would like to receive the card quickly and conveniently as a PDF or as a printed card.
  3. Pay with Klarna and the Bitcoin card will be with you within a few days.
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Bitcoin as a gift

With us, you can easily buy Bitcoin as a practical bitcoin crypto card. 

Simply select the value, choose the design and decide whether you want a PDF or printed card.

A gift – An investment – Better than gold. Bitcoin vouchers – Bitcoin cards.
Only available from us.

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How does the Bitcoin gift card work?

You will find two keys on the Bitcoin Gift Card. The public key and the private key.

The private key is like your PIN number from your bank. This means that no one can see it – except you, of course. Whoever has the private key can access the Bitcoins.

The public key is like your IBAN number. You can send more Bitcoins to this address. It is important that only Bitcoins are sent to this address. Other crypto currencies never reach the gift card and are therefore lost.

Are my Bitcoins on the gift cards secure?

Absolutely. The gift cards are so-called Paper Wallets.

They are disconnected from any Internet connection as long as the Bitcoins are not digitized to use them. These wallets are also called “Cold Wallets”.

This is the most secure way to store crypto currency. On the other hand, you must of course not lose the gift card, otherwise you will not be able to restore your Bitcoins.

How can I see how many Bitcoins are on the card?

To see how many Bitcoins are on the Bitcoin Gift Card, you need to access the Blockchain.

All Bitcoin transactions are recorded here. Completely anonymous, of course. No one can guess that your public key belongs to you
Visit the Blockchain on the following page:

Just enter your public key at the top of the search bar. You will now see how many Bitcoins are located at this address. The public key is your Bitcoin address. Depending on the design, the card will say “Public Key” or “Bitcoin Address” on it.

Blockchain Suchfeld für den öffentlichen Schlüssel Bitcoin auf

I have ordered the bitcoin gift card as a PDF document. What do I have to pay attention to?

If you have ordered the bitcoin gift card as a PDF document, you will receive the card in a password-protected .zip file. The following applies:


  1. You will receive the Bitcoin gift card in a password protected .zip file.
  2. You will receive the password in a separate e-mail. Please also check your spam folder.
  3. Download the file on your PC.
  4. Now disconnect your PC from the Internet. Switch off the WLAN or unplug the Ethernet cable.
  5. Now unpack the zip file with the password sent to you. Make sure you are undisturbed. If you open the card, the private keys can be viewed.
  6. You can print the gift card if you want to. The printer should also be disconnected from the Internet. Connect the printer to your computer via a USB cable.
  7. Once you have printed the card, it is advisable to foil it to protect it against moisture and liquids.
  8. The private keys are visible on the gift card. These should only be seen by you. Anyone who has access to the private keys can send the Bitcoins on the card.
  9. Do NOT save the file on your computer.
  10. If you still want to save the file, we recommend that you use a USB stick.
  11. If you would like to open the file on this USB stick in the future, you should disconnect the computer from the Internet as described above.

How can I use the Bitcoins on the gift card?

The Bitcoins on the Gift Card are absolutely safe from hacker attacks before they are digitized. There is no way to get the Bitcoins, as they are currently only stored on a “sheet of paper”.
Thus, the Bitcoins are completely separated from the Internet. On the other hand, there is no way to restore the Bitcoins if you lose the Bitcoin gift card.

It must therefore be stored with special care. We recommend storing the Bitcoin Gift Card in a safe deposit box.
We hold on to it:

•  Bitcoins on the gift card are absolutely safe from hacker attacks if they are not digitized.
•  Anyone who loses the card has no way of restoring the Bitcoins.

You can think of your Bitcoin Gift Card as a Bitcoin purse. A certain number of Bitcoins are stored on it. When the day comes that you finally want to send your Bitcoins, you need another Bitcoin “purse”.

We recommend either a Smartphone Wallet (so you can conveniently use the QR Code) or a Desktop Wallet for your computer. Which one you choose is up to you. The procedure is always the same. 
You need to digitize your Bitcoins to send them.

Digitize your Bitcoins on the gift card

There are several ways to digitize the Bitcoins on the gift card. In any case you need the private keys + the BIP38 password on the card.

Note that once you have digitized the Bitcoins, the Bitcoin Gift Card is no longer secure and should not be used any further.

In this example we digitize the Bitcoins with a Smartphone Wallet. The “Bitcoin Wallet” app from the manufacturers “Bitcoin Wallet developers” is very suitable and makes the process easy for you.

A more professional wallet is the Bitcoin Wallet from “myCelium”. On this wallet, please make sure that you leave the “fees” in the normal range when sending the coins, otherwise it may happen that the transaction is not confirmed.

If you send your Bitcoins to another address, use the QR Code. Transactions once made cannot be reversed in the block chain.

Bitcoin Wallet


How is the price on the Bitcoin gift card made up?

The price on the Bitcoin Gift Card is made up of the current price of the Bitcoins. The price is determined by the service provider CryptoCompare via an interface.

This calculates the average price of over 150 marketplaces to an average value. You can find it here.
Furthermore, we charge a fixed surcharge of 0.02 % to 0.7 % depending on the exchange rate. We calculate the surcharge for:

  • The creation of the gift card
  • The purchase of the Bitcoins

How do I make cash from my Bitcoin Card?

You have the option to sell your Bitcoins for cash. There are various marketplaces for this. Before you sell your Bitcoins, you must first digitize them.

Once you have digitized your Bitcoins, for example on a smartphone wallet, you must send your Bitcoins to the appropriate marketplace. Each marketplace provides a public key for your personal account.
We recommend
For years a German, reputable marketplace for trading Bitcoins.

This is how you go about it:

  • Digitize your Bitcoins
  • Create an account at and verify your identity
  • Send your Bitcoins to the public key of your account
  • Place your Bitcoins for sale on the marketplace here

Further help for can be found on the website under FAQ.

Please note: Once a transaction has been made, it can NOT be undone. This also applies if you enter an incorrect address. Therefore we recommend that you use the QR Code.

What happens if I lose the card?

If you lose your Bitcoin Gift Card there is NO way to recover the Bitcoins on the card.
You alone are responsible for the safekeeping of your Bitcoins. You can find more information here.

How should I store the Bitcoin Gift Card?

We recommend that you store the Bitcoin Gift Card in a safe place. Ideally a safe deposit box.
The card should be protected from:

  • Moisture
  • Access from strangers

Bitcoin as an investment?

Originally, Bitcoin was created as a currency. A currency that makes it possible to pay without a third party.

A third party is for example the bank. But Visa, Master Card or EC (Electronic cash) are also companies in this sense, which are responsible for administration.
With every transfer you make, these companies manage the actual transaction. And they do this electronically. If you transfer money to someone, they will be credited with the number of the corresponding amount in their current account. And you can do this digitally, visible in online banking.

Bitcoin does the same – but without a third party. You yourself are responsible for the safekeeping of the Bitcoins.

The technology is new and has enormous potential. It is far from having arrived in the rest of the world. Much too strange seems the idea that no banks are needed anymore. Even governments and countries are not always interested in it. At least not all of them.
But let’s take a look at our Swiss neighbors, for example. In the city of Zug, Bitcoin has been accepted as a means of payment since the summer of 2016.

But the exchange rate fluctuations that Bitcoins has experienced in recent years are far too great. That’s why many manage their Bitcoins as an investment.

Especially for many investors Bitcoin has proven itself as an alternative investment.

Bitcoin Chart since 2013