In recent years, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have appeared in the headlines with increasing frequency. What was originally known only among a few computer specialists, Bitcoin is now an accepted currency. In El Salvador, Bitcoin has even been the current national currency since September 2021.


There is probably no more talk of computer nerds.

The value of Bitcoin keeps rising, so it is definitely a worthwhile investment opportunity. And last but not least, Bitcoin is well-known, but still rare. Guaranteed to surprise, therefore, is the gift idea of presenting a Bitcoin card.
The perfect gift. The gift idea for men, the girlfriend the mom or just for the best friend.

What are Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin is virtual money. This is already indicated by the name: Bit is derived from “binary digit” and is the smallest digital storage unit. Bits are the ones and zeros on which all computer programs are based. “Coin” is the English term for coin. The term “crypto” comes from the Greek and stands for secrets. It indicates that it is an encrypted currency that cannot be manipulated. This enables, for example, anonymous and secure payments on the Internet.

Unlike well-known currencies such as the euro or the dollar, cryptocurrencies do not have coins or banknotes. Currencies like bitcoin are independent of banks and states, which can influence their value, for example. Their number is mathematically limited to 21 million pieces, which is why the currency is safe from inflation and increases in value over time.

The gift idea Bitcoin card becomes more and more valuable

Some gifts are also special because not only do they come from the heart, but their value is also constantly increasing. This is especially true for Bitcoins: in 2020 alone, the value of the cryptocurrency increased by 500%. From January to April 2021, it doubled once again. Some experts are convinced that the digital coins will soon be worth more than gold.

Therefore, a Bitcoin card is also a good gift for anyone who currently has no great desires at all. While the person receiving the gift can take their time to decide whether and what they want to use the money for, it keeps multiplying.

As of today (October 2021), the price is around $60,000 per Bitcoin.

bitcoin chart

Safe is safe: Bitcoin cards are “cold wallets”

Another advantage of the gift idea of a Bitcoin card: it is the safest way to store Bitcoin. This is because this card is completely disconnected from the Internet, so unlike a computer, it cannot be hacked. That is why they are also called “cold wallets”. They are available in the form of “hardware wallets”, for example USB sticks, and also as gift cards.

They have the great advantage that they are separate from the Internet and therefore cannot be hacked – the money is absolutely safe. However, one thing must be remembered: If a gift card is lost, the Bitcoin on it is also gone. Similar to cash, if you lose it, it’s gone, unfortunately.

The counterpart is “hot wallets.” These are online-based services that can be accessed through a browser, for example. Their advantage is that they cannot be lost like a USB stick. However, larger balances are always targeted by hackers, which is why it is generally not advisable to store too much Bitcoin in a hot wallet.

Gifts for men

People of all ages invest in Bitcoin. But the largest group is young men under 30, who have a lot to gain from this still fairly new and exciting currency. In many cases, the thrill of seeing how the price will develop appeals to them.

Regardless of whether the recipient already owns Bitcoin or not yet: a gift card is almost always a suitable surprise. Anyone who has previously been interested in the digital money will find this an easy introduction to the subject without taking a financial risk.
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Gift idea for women

Just because most Bitcoin users are men, the currency is not uninteresting for women. On the contrary, more and more ladies are starting to use Bitcoin and can therefore gain quite a bit from a gift card.

Especially the versatility and independence of Bitcoin are tempting here, as the credit can be used in a variety of ways. Many women avoid taking too many risks with their finances and thus miss out on new developments more often. This is exactly why a Bitcoin gift card is perfect: it allows you to gain insight into the world of cryptocurrency without having to make risky decisions.
The perfect gift idea for women.

The perfect gift for Christmas 2022 – Unique gift

A perfect gift for Christmas 2022 is a unique gift. There are many people who long for something out of the ordinary. Therefore, the perfect gift for Christmas 2022 should be a unique gift.

No matter how good last year’s resolutions are: Often Christmas gifts are bought only at the last moment and quickly seem a bit uncharitable: perfume, a book from the bestseller list or a gift certificate serves its purpose, but are not very original.

Clearly more unique is a Bitcoin gift card. Together with a gold envelope and gold-wrapped sweets, it will not only immediately stand out under the Christmas tree, but also bring a lot of joy: Either the recipient can fulfill a wish, or he can follow how his Bitcoin investment grows in the coming weeks and months.

merry christmas bitcoin gift card geschenkkarte

The perfect birthday Gift Idea: A Bitcoin Card

There are people who simply already have everything or are saving up to be able to afford a major purchase. In this case, Bitcoin are worthwhile several times over: not only are they a great surprise, but they are currently rising rapidly in value.

Bitcoin can also be a suitable gift for young birthday children. However, parents should then rather manage the gift card until the little ones can do this themselves.

crypto voucher happy birthday bitcoin gift card 0_001bitcoin

More versatility with the Bitcoin card gift idea

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are full of exciting possibilities that appeal to many people: Currently, their value is rising rapidly, and they allow for independence and anonymous payments.

But even though it is tempting, it would be risky to invest your assets exclusively in Bitcoin. In order to be well positioned in the future, it is always better to focus on multiple investment options. But in any case, Bitcoin are a valuable addition with a lot of potential – even more than gold. And it is a special gift anyway.

die perfekte geschenkidee bitcoin karte

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